1-2-3-4! Let’s plant a tree!

Fall is right around the corner, and a tree’s natural lifecycle throughout the year makes fall an ideal time to plant.* So start planning now!

1. Planning (based on your specific site conditions): MNDOT

2. Shopping (this is just a starting point!): Bailey’s + Cross + Knecht’s + Jeffries

3. Planting DIY Instructions:** Knecht’s nursery + U of M +  Recap! U of M

Root Planting Depth




“The Right Way to Plant a Tree,” by Gary Johnson and Cindy Ash (Minnesota Shade Tree Advocate, vol. 1, numb. 1)

Important: More on preventing stem-girdling roots: U of M

Or . . . if you prefer to hire an arborist, click HERE.

4. Caring for Your New Tree: water & mulch (be sure mulch doesn’t get piled up along trunk), see HERE (go to “After-planting Care” section)


If you have further questions, contact MN Nature by email (jen@mnnature.org)—we’re happy to answer your questions! And please send photos of your tree planting projects. Happy planting!

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* “Fall planting has the advantage of warmer soils, as compared to spring planting, with cooler air temperatures. During this time the roots can establish before the high heat of summer starts the following year. Ideally, before the soil freezes, soil temperatures remain above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for four weeks after planting. All species planted in the fall, especially conifers, require an ample water supply for winter protection.”

** Remember before attempting any tree planting, look for over head lines and Call 811 or contact Gopher state one call before you dig.

More resources from the, here: DNR


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