45.8 Million Visits to Metro MN Parks, $16M+ Allocated for 2014

Per the recently released Met Council annual report: “Today, over 54,800 acres in 39 regional parks, 12 park reserves, 7 special recreation features and 38 regional trails (326 miles) are open for public use. The park system hosted an estimated 45.8 million visits in 2012 based on visitation samples taken at each park and trail unit.”

“Most recently, Laws of MN 2013, Chapter 137, Article 3, Section 4 appropriated $16,821,000 for Fiscal Year 2014 and Fiscal Year 2015 from the Parks and Trails Fund to the Metropolitan Council.”

The 25-Year Parks and Trails Legacy Plan (February 2011) categorizes Parks and Trails Legacy Fund investments toward the following five strategic directions:

 Connect people to the outdoors (e.g. improved marketing, increase access)

 Acquire land (e.g. acquire land within existing park boundaries and new parks)

 Create opportunities (e.g. build new recreation and visitor support facilities)

 Take care of what we have (e.g. renovate and maintain existing infrastructure)

 Work better together (e.g. inter-agency coordination to create a seamless park and trail system, including master plans development processes)

2014 Annual Report to Minnesota Legislature Regarding Constitutional Land and Legacy Amendment Parks and Trails Fund Appropriations for Metropolitan Regional Park System”


Regions included: 1. Anoka County 2. Carver County 3. Dakota County 4. Ramsey County 5. Scott County 6. Washington County 7. City of Bloomington 8. City of St. Paul 9. Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board 10.Three Rivers Park District


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