5 Top Outdoor Activities to Cheer You Up During Corona Virus Quarantine

MN Nature in Saint Paul, Minnesota, will help you navigate COVID-19 and corona virus while keeping you healthy even when in quarantine. The key is to continue to enjoy the outdoors. And what better time to do that as Minnesota slowly turns toward spring.

Group activities, volunteer opportunities, and educational outdoor classes may be cancelled or should be avoided if attendance is more than 10 people, but you and your family can still go to parks and enjoy the nature that is all around you. Here are some ideas to get you out exploring–it will help improve your mood!

5 Top Outdoor Activities to Cheer You Up During Quarantine:

  1. Hello, Trees! Walk around your neighborhood or land and look closely at your woody shrubs and trees. You’ll be surprised to see buds! Especially look at your Lilacs, Silver Maples, Ash, Horse Chestnut–they bud early.
  2. Hello, Plants! Get down close to the ground! Make a list of all the plants peeping up through the leaves. This includes Creeping Charlie (loaded with Vitamin C! Imagine what a relief that would have been in times past after a long desolate winter), Jacob’s Ladder . . . what else do you find?
  3. Welcome, Mulch! Get some mulch down. You can have the garden center deliver a pile to your yard (it may be too early to pick it up free from yard-waste sites). Think of it as putting down a warm blanket over those early plants popping up until things really warm up quicker in April.
  4. Walk/Run/Bicycle. Yes, simple but powerful. Walk at sunrise or sunset or both to clear your mind, shake the cabin fever, and get fresh air.
  5. Plant seeds! OK, this one is inside but it’s still green and outdoorsy. Find a sunny spot in a window or set up your growing lights and plant some seeds. You can enjoy the process of growing veggies or herbs in your home and you’ll be ready to transplant when things warm up. And you won’t have to worry about the grocery store selling out of your favorite herb this summer. Herbs can help improve your mood, ease stress, and boost your immune system.

(Photo: The Daily Gardener)