The following organizations actively work to promote conservation or provide preservation education and/or news in Minnesota. It’s MN Nature’s primary objective to connect people to nature and inspire conservation, so these listings are completely free to you and freely listed. It’s all about sharing and collaborating for a better, GreenerContinue Reading

Today’s Washington Post photos touch on Minnesota topics shared with others ’round the world—pushing the boundaries of “conservation” and “natural resources management” with a focus on wolves and fracking. Check it out HERE.Continue Reading

New state program for farmers designed to increase the voluntary adoption of conservation practices that protect local rivers, streams and other waters by reducing fertilizer run-off and soil erosion is being heralded as “historic” but could create nothing more than immunity or a loophole (and big cash: technical assistance andContinue Reading


Volunteer opportunity: planting tree event Sept 25 Save the dates: Sept 23–25 help plant trees, shrubs, and perennials in the heart of St Paul within the thriving Little Bohemia neighborhood. Details: Restore an urban forest site with other volunteers as part of a MNDOT Community Roadside Partnership in St Paul.Continue Reading