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Conservation News

MN Nature is all about keeping you in the know when it comes to conservation and management activities in the state.

Beyond MN—World Nature & Environment News

Today’s Washington Post photos touch on Minnesota topics shared with others ’round the world—pushing the boundaries of “conservation” and “natural resources management” with a focus on wolves and fracking. Check it out HERE.

Controversial New MN Conservation Program in the Works

New state program for farmers designed to increase the voluntary adoption of conservation practices that protect local rivers, streams and other waters by reducing fertilizer run-off and soil erosion is being heralded as “historic” but could create nothing more than immunity or a loophole (and big cash: technical assistance and up to $10 million in […]

MN Nature Volunteer & Week Activities April 16-21

MN Nature in St Paul, MN, wants to wish you a Happy Earth Day! Check out the free events throughout the state here. Earth Day is Sunday April 22, 2018. The theme is End Plastic Pollution. Contact your local city or neighborhood group to find events in your area, or start a clean-up or trash […]

MN Nature Activities: Nov 13–19

Whether you’re planning to stay active over winter or looking for something to do, well, tomorrow, #MNnature is the place to find free, affordable, and fascinating ways to stay active year-round. There’s activities perfect for individuals and the whole family, and there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the fun offered in […]