Due to 30-year record lows in population, the walleye season is closing early tonight at 10 pm to ensure a healthy population next year and in years to come. Gov. Dayton may call a special session yet to address financial aid to businesses impacted by this decision. Tourism and fishingContinue Reading

Our waters are beautiful—but they’re in trouble. Many lakes are threatened by pollution and overdevelopment. In fact, about 40 percent of tested waterways statewide are classified as impaired. A few years ago, in its response to a lawsuit brought by polluters, the U.S. Supreme Court opened a loophole in theContinue Reading

Over the years, farmers have thoroughly re-directed water flows to keep their fields dry. As a result, water now rushes out of ditches and into rivers too fast, eventually winding up in the Minnesota, the Mississippi, and Lake Pepin. Story hereContinue Reading