New HIA for EAB Management Plan in St. Paul

Currently, the MPCA is working on a health impact study of St. Paul’s existing management plan for emerald ash borer—see the full (existing) plan HERE. The HIA hopes to further inform the existing plan from a public health angle. See the MPCA’s lit. on Value of Trees, HERE. If you want to know if ash borers […]

Record Decrease in Monarch Population

The World Wildlife Fund, Mexico’s Environment Dept., and Natural Protected Areas Commission released a report that cites decline in population (to its lowest level since studies began in 1993) due to several factors: GMO crops Displacement of food (milkweed) Reduction in habitat (illegal logging in Mexico + urban sprawl in the U.S.) WWF report HERE […]

Emerald Ash Borer is Not Disappearing Due to Cold

You can expect EAB to persist in 2014 despite our Polar Vortex deep freeze. Here’s a press release from the Wisconsin DNR: Keep your Emerald Ash Borer plans in spite of cold weather A forest health expert says the ongoing frigid air hugging the state is not enough to wipe out the tree-killing pest known as […]

It’s Summer, It’s Hot — Water those Trees!

Per MPLS park & rec: [Established] Trees Need an Inch of Water Every Week — Trees are thirsty all the way through fall “Minneapolis’ boulevard trees still need an inch of water every week throughout the summer and fall. Extremely dry conditions followed the spring and early summer rainfall that drenched the city and caused significant […]

$50 Million Project to Study the Effects of Climate Change in MN

The project is called SPRUCE (Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Climatic and Environmental Change) and is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s a collaborative effort between the USDA Forest Service and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The planned experimental site is a bog within the Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF; N 47° 30.171’, […]