DNR invites public participation in developing forest management plans for northern Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites the public to participate in forest management planning for the Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands and the Northern Superior Uplands areas.

The DNR will use three recorded webinars to increase early public input and ensure the needs and expectations of the public and timber industry are better reflected in forest management planning decisions.

“The webinars explain the forest management planning process, provide information to encourage public input and gather input through a series of questions and surveys,” said Lynn Mizner, DNR statewide forest resource planner.

The first webinar addresses changes to the planning process since the first plans were developed. Changes incorporate new project management and electronic communication techniques, and new legislation or policy regulating forest management. The first webinar will be available until July 18 at www.mndnr.gov/forestry/subsection/active.html.

The second webinar will present alternative harvest levels, age class distribution, climate change adaptation strategies and explain models used to develop forest stand examination lists.

The final webinar will present the draft plan developed using this newly gathered public input. Additional webinars will be scheduled if needed.

Questions and comments about Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands can be directed to Robert Pulford, 218-833-8704 or robert.pulford@state.mn.us. Questions about the Northern Superior Uplands can be directed to Lynn Mizner, 218-927-7500, ext. 245 or lynn.mizner@state.mn.us.

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