Environmental Impact of Ammunition order for MN Firm

Federal Cartridge Co. of Minnesota is being given a $46.5 million contract for AA40 5.56mm frangible ammunition, the U.S. Defense Department reported. Full story here.

Yet, just in 2008 the MN DNR found over 130 species of animals (including upland birds, raptors, waterfowl, and reptiles) … exposed or killed by ingesting lead shot, bullets, bullet fragments, or prey contaminated with lead ammunition. …impacts include decreased survival, poor body condition, behavioral changes, and impaired reproduction. … 15 studies demonstrated the impacts of lead ammunition on human health. Studies in Canada, Greenland, and Russia linked lead shot found in game animals to higher levels of lead in people who eat those game animals, and recent evidence shows that meat far from entry wounds may contain lead fragments. Effective non-toxic alternatives to lead shot are available, and at costs comparable to lead. The results of our review demonstrate the effects of lead ammunition on wildlife, the envi- ronment, and human health and support the need for the use of non-toxic alternatives to lead ammunition. Received 30 May 2008, accepted 28 July 2008. See full report here.

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