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Turn a neglected eye-sore into an asset in your neighborhood. MN Nature in St Paul, Minnesota, is ready to inspire you, share resources and get a project going in your community anywhere in the state. Contact us to get started in your community today, or volunteer for an existing MN Nature project—Sign up today.



Planting On the ROW!

Connecting State of Minnesota DoT + Cities in Minnesota + Communities/Neighborhoods in Minnesota

MN Nature supports Community Roadside Landscaping Partnerships with communities and the State of Minnesota. This state program offers communities technical and financial assistance to install and maintain landscape plantings on eligible state highway ROWs (right-of-ways). We want to share this great resource with communities around the state.

MN Nature’s Current Roadside Landscaping Project


MN Nature has Received the Following Recognition:

Award 2016:
“MN Nature and Supporters, 35 E. Bike path improvements including planting of trees, shrubs and native plants.”
W7th Business Association

Award 2015:
“Park Volunteer of the Year Award”
Friends of the Parks & Trails of St. Paul and Ramsey County

Award 2014:
“Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for Untiring Enthusiasm and Commitment to Community Forestry”
Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee


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There are many programs and conservation resources available for:

• pollinator gardens
• trees for a vibrant urban forest
• community forestry
• open green spaces
• nature or interpretive trails

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