MN Nature initiated a MNDOT Community Roadside Landscape Partnership in 2014. The restoration site is in the historic Little Bohemia Neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Future Site, Phase 3:
Urban Forest: Sept 23–25, 2021

Name: “Little Bohemia Trail” Community Roadside Partnership — Phase 3
Date: 2021
Location: Goodrich to St. Claire

April/May 2018–2021: Spring Prep & Clean-up Days
MNDoT drafted a landscape plan, and will continue to remove/treat buckthorn, clear hillsides, repair sound walls, and make other improvements as needed in phases 1 and 2 and 3 in preparation of the plantings in phase 3.

Garden Adopters prepped perennial beds in phases 1 and 2 for growing seasons. Volunteers maintained the plantings in phases 1 and 2, with many obstacles, including City of St Paul mowing crews destroying gardens, burdock choking out gardens, and destruction such as trees being hacked or completely uprooted and plants beings dug up or stolen.

June-July 2021: Dates set for final phase planting! Sept 23–25

Sept 23–25: Planting
Volunteers will plant trees, shrubs, and perennials in phase 3, per MNDoT’s landscape designs. Plants will be accepted from Gertens Sept 23, with evening planting opportunities on Sept 23 and Sept 24. The main daytime planting will occur Sept 25. COVID precautions will be enforced, including small groups and masks recommended for those in close contact with other volunteers.

Garden Adopters will weed, water, and pick up trash on an ongoing basis with a focus in phase 1, 2 and 3.