Friends of BWCA vs. Mining Industry: At Odds

The bill passed the house vote as of a few hours ago . . .

According to the Duluth News Tribune: The bill … requires implementation of the act within 30 days of receiving requests. … it also reduces the amount of time, and limits the circumstances, under which anyone can file suit in federal court to stop a strategic mining project.

Per the Friends of BWCA: HR 761 is “an extreme bill. It would exempt mining projects from protective environmental laws including the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act. It would bypass public and community review and input for proposed mines,” … “In short, it would cut the public out of the process and roll back federal environmental law to the 1960s.”

Per Mining Minnesota’s Frank Ongaro: “Anything that will help streamline and improve the federal environmental review process is a positive thing.”

Here’s the bill.

Here’s more details and options to voice your opinion.

Update: Opposition Letter

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