Give to the Max! Multiply Your Donation $$$ this Thursday

It’s simple. You donate money to support your favorite nonprofit during this annual organized event and other groups and or individuals match or multiply your donation. Give the most you can give, support your group during Give to the Max Day Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014 HERE:

At the site, try searches for the following key terms:

nature       environment       conservation     hunting       wildlife      

“NAME YOUR FAVORITE” Park         “NAME YOUR” County       “NAME YOUR FAVORITE” wildlife

Other things to think about:
• Your donations are often tax-deductible.
• Donate as a gift in someone else’s name—great for the holidays!

Here’s some examples of amazing programs doing great things in Minnesota for our environment:

Wildlife Science Center

TI Dodge Nature Center

BWCA Environmental Learning Center

MN Land Trust

Wolf Ridge ELC

Minnesota Environmental Center for Advocacy

Project Get Outdoors

Conservation Minnesota

There’s so many great programs for our MN Nature, check them out today at

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