Gov. Dayton Halts Moose collaring by Exec. Order

You’ve probably heard about the Gov. questioning the DNR’s moose collaring studies due to mortality concerns (“Of the 74 calves collared in the spring of 2013 and 2014, many were believed to have died of starvation after being abandoned by their mothers,” per WTIP.) DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr voiced support for the governor’s decision. Here’s some info. and ways to get involved.

Report Moose Sightings

Full Story HERE

Photo by K. Mettke, Cook County 2011, featured on
Photo by K. Mettke, Cook County 2011, featured on

Contact Gov. Dayton, send a note to let him know your thoughts.

DNR Moose Advisory Committee

DNR Moose Hunting

DNR Moose Surveys, etc.

Forest Wildlife Population and Research Group

Forest Wildlife Population Moose Survey 2014

Erika Butler, DNR Vet, 2007 report HERE

Save Minnesota Moose Organization

Northeast Minnesota Moose Project

Wolves & Moose of Isle Royale

Alaska Moose Studies

Alaska’s Kenai Mosse Research Center


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