Help Protect the Boundary Waters

MN Nature understands many Minnesotans are concerned about the environmental destruction mining will pose on the BWCA. This is an urgent concern Nov 2018. You CAN do something about it:

  1. Sign the petition:
  2. Donate $ on Give to the Max Day Nov 15:

#MNnature supporters of wilderness


Today’s the DAY! Give to the MAX to save the BWCA for future generations. Here’s another great homemade video of the BWCA, this time made by some young timers:

As for the tradition of showshoeing! Yea, it’s BIG FUN for Minnesotans but it also has practical purpose. This group of young timers shows one way to go about snowshoeing and enjoying the winter outdoors. Leave comments at our facebook page! Here weeeee! go, Minnesota-style:

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