Mining in Minnesota

Per the Mining Truth Organization: “PolyMet is the first of a series of proposed mines [copper-nickel] that could reshape Minnesota’s landscape and change our state forever.  The next few months will determine what Minnesota will look like 500 years from now. We need your support to ensure that we pass on clean water to future generations, instead of centuries of water pollution.”

1. Learn about mining, our Minnesota environment, taxpayer concerns, economic impacts, and more at ; also see PolyMet’s history in Minnesota, courtesy of MPR.

2. Review the environmental impact statement on the DNR website, also you will find meeting dates, etc.

3. Weigh in on this important debate and provide your feedback—you can tell the DNR what you think HERE. DEADLINE: MARCH, 2014, Comments will be accepted until 4:30 PM CT on Thursday, March 13, 2014.

4. Attend a meeting. There will be public meetings in Aurora, Duluth and St. Paul. Comments will be accepted at these meetings, as well as by email and mail. Click on the link above for details.


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