In Minnesota: artificial islands made of recycled plastic bottles

”][/caption]Aug. 15-17 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) worked with St. Paul-based Midwest Floating Islands, ASLA-MN and LHNA to install artificial islands made of recycled plastic bottles that act as natural floating islands in Spring Lake. The islands are planted with native species to serve as wetland habitat for birds and animals and also assist in purifying polluted water. Project >$50k.

More here. MPRB

and here [independent research on island product].

and here [patent holder]

The question remains, is this a safe, effective long-term solution? No info. to support or negate has been found at time of this posting. Plastic, even if recycled, has the potential to leach BPA and other harmful chemicals into environment, affecting water, soil, plants, animals, and fish–and ultimately us–in negative and potentially harmful ways. Some basics on recycled plastics HERE.

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