MN Candidates for Soil and Water Conservation 2014

Check out who is running, HERE

Other research sources:
Filed statements of candidates, HERE
MN S&WC Website
Candidate process and contacts for more info., HERE

It’s tough to find info. on these very important conservation candidates. The official filed statements (see link above) might be helpful. Also try internet searches, for example “TOM PETERSEN or CARRIE WASLEY,” and you may come up with something useful. THIS is the best I came up with for Ramsey County District.


Example of Powers & Duties:
Watershed Districts engage in varied water resources activities and projects. They work cooperatively with other local organizations toward common water management goals.

In general, under M.S. Chapter 103D.335, a Watershed District has the power to:
-levy property taxes and special assessments
-hire staff and consultants
-regulate development

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