MN Nature Activities: October 10 – 15

This week in MN Nature activities you’re in for a treat! Peak fall is just around the corner, so grab your camera to capture the colors and enjoy the great outdoors! #MNnature

SATURDAY — 10/15/2016

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Shelter Building
9 AM to 3 PM You’re cold, you’re wet, and there isn’t a motel for miles. What next? Building a warm, dry shelter is a required skill for anyone who spends time outdoors. A shelter needn’t be complicated or extravagant. 

In this survival program we’ll build several different styles of wilderness shelters with a focus on staying warm AND dry.

Bring a lunch (something to grill on a fire?) and a water bottle and dress for the weather. This program will not be cancelled due to weather conditions, so dress appropriately. You’ll also need a sharp knife and a pruning/camping saw.


”Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” is an every other month series of survival skills courses for the 21st Century. These programs are occurring only at Tettegouche State Park. There will be no actual zombies allowed at these events, but having some practical survival skills under your belt could help you out if (or when) you get into a bind.
Location: Tettegouche State Park

Tracking Workshop
10/15/2016 (9 am – 2 pm
) to 10/16/2016 (9 am – 1 pm
) Join the Minnesota Tracking Club for an introduction to the fundamentals to the ancient art of tracking. Over the course of this two-day workshop you?ll build a foundation for beginning your own exploration of animal tracks. 

Workshop schedule — 
Saturday, October 15: Introduction to tracking and clear print identification , Measuring and drawing a track, Lunch break (bring your own bag lunch)
, Introduction to gaits and contextual tracking, Other clues (sign) animals leave behind, Wrap up/Question and answers

; Sunday, October 16; Dirt time! Opportunity for participants to spend time in the field with instructors applying what they’ve learned in class.

Registration required. Call 612-725-2724 to register.
 More Information: Call 612-279-3550.
Location: Fort Snelling State Park

Fall Color Nature Photography- Hike to the Peak
10 AM to 12 PM The gold, brown, yellow and other colors of the fall can be enjoyed on this epic trip to the peak through rolling hills, prairie, and great vistas. We will be stopping a few place along the way to talk about some of the unique changes happening in nature during this season of preparation. Grab a friend, dress for the weather, and come out to the park for a this awesome fall adventure! Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, a snack, a camera, binoculars, or anything else you think you might want on this journey.

This hike will be a dual hike and nature photography element, so if you don’t have you your own camera, the naturalist will have some for you to use. Take photos to remember your trip and try to capture the greatness of fall!

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

A MN state Park vehicle permit is required to attend this event, and can be purchased at the park for $5/day or $25 for an annual permit.
Location: Glacial Lakes State Park

Interpretive Nature Walk
10 AM to 11:30 AM Join naturalist Bruce Ause on a 1-mile interpretive nature hike. 

Time: Saturdays starting May 28 through October 20 at 10 am Check signs at the park office or campground sanitation building for cancellations. 

Where: Meet at the Amphitheater in the campground.

Fun for all ages! The topics vary based on what is naturally occurring each week.

Trying for the 125 Miles by Bike, Boot or Boat Challenge? This event can help you add a little distance.
Location: Frontenac State Park

Fall Colors Leaves A Blaze from the Fire Tower
10 AM to 12 PM Experience the splendor of the hardwood forests in fall while learning about the unique history of the Elba Fire Tower. We’ll begin at the Whitewater Valley Visitor Center at Whitewater State Park and then caravan in our own vehicles up the road to the fire tower parking lot. It is 700 plus steps up the bluff and to the top of the tower so participants should be prepared with good hiking shoes and a bottle of water. Bring your cameras!
Location: Whitewater State Park

Geocaching 101!
10:30 AM to 12 PM With special presenter, Andy McCracken, discover the fascinating challenge of geocaching and how you can use it to explore Minnesota State Parks’ hidden treasures. You will learn how to use a GPS unit, and then head out in the park to find some specially placed caches. A limited number of GPS units will be available for this modern-day treasure hunt. So please call the park office at 651-433-0500 to sign up. Meet at the Visitor Center!
Location: William O’Brien State Park

Geology Rocks Gooseberry
10:30 AM to 12 PM Listen to the rocks as they tell of lava flows, glaciers and roaring rivers on this journey back in time. Explore the upper, middle and lowers falls while learning the geologic history of the land around you. Don’t forget your camera. Majority of the hike will involve descending stairs on this 3/4 mile walk. Meet at the Visitor Center Art Column.
Location: Gooseberry Falls State Park

Archery in the Park
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM The sport of shooting arrows has been around for thousands of years. First humans used archery as a way to hunt animals and later as a way to compete against each other. Archery is an activity that people from all walks of life and almost every size and ability can participate and have fun. This program covers the basics of archery (safety, proper care of the equipment and how to use a bow). Participants will be able to practice their new skills on the range by taking a turn shooting arrows at targets. Some come learn a new life long skill.

All equipment is provided and no personal or outside equipment will be allowed on the range. Must be 8 years and older. Adult must accompany younger participants. Open shoot, come during the class and you will get to shoot. Amount of shooting time varies on number of participants. The program is held outside, so dress appropriately. Meet at the Horse Camp.

A MN state Park vehicle permit is required to attend this event, and can be purchased at the park for $5/day or $25 for an annual permit.
Location: Glacial Lakes State Park

The Science of Leaves Discovery Cart
1:30 PM to 4 PM “Why do leaves change color? Why is that tree red when that one is yellow?” Stop by to discover the reason for the color. Drop by along the paved trail to the Middle Falls.
Location: Gooseberry Falls State Park

Game Cameras for Wildlife Watching
2 PM to 4 PM Ryan Pennesi, naturalist, wildlife photographer, and wildlife biologist, will share his knowledge of ?trapping? animals with a game camera. Technical issues regarding the cameras will be covered, as well as how to read the landscape to increase your chances of success. A short hike to some pre-set ?camera traps? may reveal some of the animals that call Tettegouche home.

Location: Tettegouche State Park

Lex-Ham Community Band Concert!
2 PM to 3 PM Join the Lex-Ham Community Band, a 45 piece volunteer musical ensemble composed of residents and students who live in the Lexington-Hamline and surrounding neighborhoods of St. Paul. The band plays Sousa marches, show tunes, classical concert band pieces, and swing, jazz, and Dixieland arrangements. So bring your lawn chair, blanket and your picnic to the large Picnic Shelter in the Picnic Grounds area. It will be an afternoon of music that you will not forget!
Location: William O’Brien State Park

Full Moon Hike: The Ghosts and Goblins of October
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM What do you think of when you think of a full October Moon? Whether it is witches flying high on a broomstick or a werewolf changing form under the full moon’s light, we’ll explore these myths on a spooky hike. 

Meet in the Interpretive Center Amphitheater.
Location: Sibley State Park

SUNDAY — 10/16/2016

Falls View Hike
11 AM to 12 PM Come witness the rich history of Gooseberry Falls State Park as we hike around the falls. Don’t forget your camera. Hike includes descending stairs on this 3/4 mile walk. 

Meet at the Visitor Center Art Column.
Location: Gooseberry Falls State Park

Hawk Talk Discovery Cart
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM The fall migration has taken flight along the North Shore! Drop by and learn how the geography and terrain influence the migration pathways hawks and other raptors as they fly south to their wintering areas. 

Drop by anytime along the trail to the falls.
Location: Gooseberry Falls State Park

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