MN’s 2012 DNR invasive species proposal

A new state law gives DNR authority to operate check stations that require boaters to go through an inspection for aquatic invasive species. The DNR will purchase 20 high-pressure, hot-water decontamination units that will be operated at zebra mussel infested waters, high-use destination lakes and at DNR Enforcement check points. The DNR will hire 150 new authorized watercraft inspectors who will be deployed around the state.

Three lake associations are taking the Minnesota DNR to court over boat inspections and boat launch control. Read more about the legality HERE. [Where it says, “The DNR will keep the locations of the checkpoints a secret in advance of setting up the roadblocks. The DNR enforcement chief thinks the plan is constitutional, despite [previous] Minnesota ruling, but he expects someone to challenge the roadblocks.”]

Also, DNR taking steps to hire what appears to be “undercover” agents to patrol lakes and roadways. See story HERE.

A local voice: HERE [Where it says, “This is crazy!”]

A local paper: HERE [Where it says, “Gestapo-like tactics employed by the Department of Natural Resources”]

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