New EAB Infestation in St. Paul

EAB announcement from the St. Paul Natural Resources:

Emerald ash borer infested trees were recently found in the area surrounding the Summit Brewery. One tree near the entrance was initially identified by Forestry staff and after further survey trees have been identified stretching from Otto Ave to the NE and Elway St. to the SW. This is an area stretching nearly one mile with visible symptoms of EAB in the trees—this means that the actual area infested is likely larger. The bluff behind the Brewery on Shepard Rd. appears to be heavily infested (standing dead/dying ash with symptoms) and a few trees across Shepard Rd. on the river side were found to be infested as well. A number of trees on private property have been found to be infested too.

Next steps will be:
1. Outreach: Circulate press updates.
2. The MN Dept of Ag will add this location to their release sites for parasitic wasps host specific to EAB. This is a prime area for this type of management, as tree removal on the bluff is not possible.
3. Further survey work in the fall/winter when leaves are off, including private property where trees will more than likely be condemned and ordered removed.
4. St. Paul Natural Resources Forestry will add this area to the boulevard ash treatment program in 2015 (some trees in District 9 have already been treated due to the proximity to the Summit-Dale infestation).

For more info. see attached map and please visit:

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