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MN Nature Activities: February!

February and March in Minnesota is sure to be sweet. Why? Because it’s maple syrup time! With the gently unthawing of the earth, the trees start to come out of hibernation. This means the sugars stored in their roots start to make their way up the trunk and out to all the branches to help […]

10 Things to Do In Minnesota this Winter 2017

MN Nature in St Paul, Minnesota, offers free outdoor activities year-round. These are the top of the top places to see, things to do, or events to experience this winter. Our MN Nature Top 10 list is the best because it’s specific! Without much fanfare, we’ll give you the list and a few links so […]

MN Nature’s “Winter Fun” Q & A

MN Nature in St Paul, Minnesota, wants to help you have the best winter ever. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Start filling up your calendar for fun in the outdoors — it’s where Minnesotans love to play. If you embark, tell ’em MN Nature (“Em En Nature”) sent ya. Thank […]

MN Nature Activities: Dec 25–31

MN Nature in St Paul, Minnesota, is helping you ring in the new year in style——in the great outdoors! We’ve been proudly sharing outdoor activities with you all year long, with new inspiring ideas weekly. Most events we share are FREE, and they’re often great for the whole family. We hope you’ve been inspired and […]

MN Nature Activities: Dec 18–24

MN Nature in St Paul, Minnesota, brings outdoor activities to you for free every week. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @MN_Nature, give us a “like,” share our posts with your friends and family, and, most importantly, enjoy the great outdoors leading into the winter solstice — the longest night of the year! 12/18/16 22nd […]