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Weekend Nature Activities: April 20–21

Rising Waters Photo Hike @ Bloomington Ferry Unit (Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge) Saturday, April 20, 6:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Now that winter is over and taxes are taken care of, join us for a fun and informative photo hike at the refuge. The rising waters of springtime make for some very interesting photo opportunities. We […]

235,000 acres of native prairie land left in MN

Several conservation agencies and the DNR teamed up to protect the remaining native prairie land in MN with a 25-year strategy outlined in the Minnesota Priaire Conservation Plan (HERE). [Note: “Prior to European settlement, more than 18 million acres of prairie covered Minnesota.” per DNR)] Those who appreciate butterflies, wildflowers and herbs, pheasants, duck, fish […]

“Not Your Grandfather’s Iron Ore Mine”

Conservation Minnesota and the Boundary Waters Wilderness and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) recently formed the Mining Truth Coalition to “engage all Minnesotans—including mining companies, non-profit organizations, businesses, policy makers, and private citizens—in a respectful, open, fact-based dialogue about mining and its impacts.” They said, “We should be proud of our mining past, […]

Wow! 77% MNs say environmental laws should not be weakened or repealed for industries

A recent Public Policy Polling survey of 1,179 Minnesota voters found that 75% believe that the Legacy funds should not be used as a substitute for funding cuts to solve short term budget problems. And, 77% believe that environmental laws should not be weakened or repealed for industries, even if industries say it is necessary […]

What Made That Big Track in the Park?

Long Lake, MN: Walking through Wolsfeld Woods today there was a 6″-plus paw track (no claws) on the path. Possibilities: cougar, bobcat, or lynx. My guess? Cougar, I guess. Comparing tracks: Cougar Tracks vs. Bobcat Tracks vs. Lynx Tracks The cougar (or “mountain lion”) has been frequently sited in Minnesota but rarely confirmed (by photo or […]