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Growth of deer population in Minn. cities divides residents

“The issue is simple. If you want less deer, you are going to have to kill them,” said DeNicola, president of White Buffalo Inc. The nonprofit group, which operates in 17 states, kills deer with firearms and provides deer contraceptives and sterilizations. . . . it’s a “myth” that deer populations bounce back after hunting. […]

Environmental groups object to Iron Range loan

Five Minnesota conservation groups are suing an economic-development agency in Eveleth over its $4 million loan to a mining company. [. . .] They say the board shouldn’t have agreed to lend the money while the project remains under review. Full Story here.

Crematory outcry has Minnesota cities weighing risks

Along with wastewater plants, halfway houses and homeless shelters, Minnesotans apparently have added crematories to the list of things that have neighbors howling “not in my back yard.” Full Story here.

Wastewater treatment problems plague new plant in Fountain

“The MPCA felt that the testing included in the permit wasn’t enough. Our response was to set up a once-quarterly sample at Valley, with the provision that the city can come in once a quarter at any time and test for anything it needs to.” Full Story here.