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Gov n Legis. collide over MN environment

The Legislature’s proposed environment budget would cut 66 percent from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s general fund budget. . . . and The bill would also cut the Department of Natural Resources general fund by about 22 percent . . . . The first bill that DFL Governor Mark Dayton and the Republican Legislature agreed […]

DNR: Dam funding cut could let Asian carp spread

St. Paul, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota House committee has eliminated funding to rebuild a dam that officials say is the best option for stopping the spread of invasive Asian carp up the Mississippi River into many of the central and northern lakes. Full Story Here.

Farm Runoff Poses a Threat to Lake Pepin

Over the years, farmers have thoroughly re-directed water flows to keep their fields dry. As a result, water now rushes out of ditches and into rivers too fast, eventually winding up in the Minnesota, the Mississippi, and Lake Pepin. Story here

MN Votes to Allow Imported Coal

Minnesota House has approved legislation that would allow imported coal power from other states while keeping current restrictions on coal power in the state. Story here