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Despite criticism, Dayton approves bill easing environmental reviews

New legislation hands the responsibility for environmental assessments to the corporations pushing the projects. . . Critics said portions of it weaken regulatory and environmental protections instead of simply streamlining procedures. . . .  “We’re passing a bit of a pig in a poke here,” said Steve Morse, executive director of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, a […]

Freeway expansion – more pollution

“Rep. Bachmann’s earmark for a massive freeway would cost taxpayers $600 million, cause more pollution and traffic, and irreversibly damage the beauty of the lower St. Croix,” said Rebecca Wodder. . . . Full story here.   2014 Related update: HERE

Polluters in Town

It’s important to know your neighbors, especially if they’re big polluters. You don’t want to experience the health complications of such poor neighbors because of longterm exposure, and the only way to get a large business to change there ways, to clean up their act, is to confront them with your concerns. So, once you […]

Pipeline plan – ethanol plant discharge could damage Blue Earth River

BLUE EARTH — A Fairmont ethanol plant’s plan to build a 20-mile pipeline that would daily discharge 500,000 gallons of treated water into the Blue Earth River is bringing opposition from those who say it is a step backward in attempts to clean up the river. See Full story here.