minnesota birds

Week Nature Activities: April 1–9

Fun events and volunteer opportunities to ring in April! All free (unless otherwise*** noted). Enjoy #MNNature throughout the state of Minnesota! 04/01/17 Bison Ambassador Training 1–4 A Bison Ambassador Training will be held on April 1st at Minneopa State Park. This volunteer program gives citizens an opportunity to help engage visitors on how to be […]

Berries Birds Love

Thinking of planting a shrub yet this year? It’s getting late in the season to plant trees and shrubs, especially to benefit from the berries (Oct. is ideal, as trees are slipping into “hibernation” and don’t require as much stability and energy for growing). You’ll still want to water up until it freezes again, too. But […]

The Inspiration of Ted Parker, Ornithologist

August marks the 20th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Ted Parker, field ornithologist. He could identify over 4,000 species of birds by sound alone. Let his work inspire you and celebrate his life and contributions to ornithology with these resources: Listen to a National Public Radio tribute to Ted featuring Cornell Lab director John […]