Minnesota hiking

Weekend Nature Activities: May 14–17

Ah the flowers of May in Minnesota renew the spirit. Enjoy your times in the outdoors this weekend! 5/14 Urban Garden Youth Employment—Summer Sign-ups *Education and Experience Opportunity Youth age 12–18 have the opportunity to apply for garden based summer work experiences. These experiences are designed to build basic job, entrepreneur, communication, and leadership skills […]

Weekend Nature Activities: April 10–12

Ready or not—it’s migration time! The first returning Robins and Starlings are showing up in flocks in St. Paul. If maple march madness didn’t get you feeling springy then get outside this weekend to experience the great April unthaw and return of the song birds! Saturday, April 11 Early Signs of Spring Photo Hike 6:30–8:30 […]

DNR Forests for Recreation or Harvest, or Both?

The MN DNR commissioner recently re-assigned two top state foresters and replaced their position temporarily with himself in an attempt to see state lands harvested “more quickly” to help the struggling forest products industry. This poses many questions. Is this what Minnesotans value and want? What about sustainability? What’s the longterm plan? What about community […]