Minnesota trees

Weekend Nature Activities: Oct 9–11

OMG! Minnesota is so beautiful in the fall! Have fun outside this weekend or go for a drive along the bluffs of your favorite river or visit an apple orchard . . . savor fall. —————FRIDAY 10/9————— Cayuno 5-0 FRIDAY NIGHT BIB/RACER BAG PICKUP $$$ 5–9 PM Mountain bike ride/race. See website for details. Deerwood […]

960 Trees, Shrubs & Perennials planted this past weekend!

So many people and various groups were involved with the MN Nature “Community Roadside Partnership” Planting Days with the Little Bohemia Neighborhood in Saint Paul. Thank you! MN Nature is grateful to have organized the restoration of this St. Paul land along with MNDoT and the City of Saint Paul for everyone’s future enjoyment. More great […]

How to Plant Trees this Arbor Month 2015, Minnesota Style

Ok, Minnesota, here’s the 4-1-1 on Planting Trees, whether you do it now to celebrate Arbor Month or later this fall. #minnesotastyle, #MNnature Plant trees? Uh– Why? Where? What? What NOT?! Trees come in all sizes and all shapes, what’s right for your space? The fun part—planting your new tree:           […]

Forest Service wishes to trade (and sell) land in BWCA

Forest Service staffer said the proposed land trade is “the first step in a process that will also include a federal purchase of state lands.” Here is the map that shows School Trust Land (Managed by the State MN DNR) within the BWCA that is to be 1. partially sold and 2. (30,000 acres of) […]

It’s Summer, It’s Hot — Water those Trees!

Per MPLS park & rec: [Established] Trees Need an Inch of Water Every Week — Trees are thirsty all the way through fall “Minneapolis’ boulevard trees still need an inch of water every week throughout the summer and fall. Extremely dry conditions followed the spring and early summer rainfall that drenched the city and caused significant […]