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Wolf Hunt Update – Court Hearing Today

The five-year wait was approved by the Senate Environment Policy Committee, but the bill still has several stops before it can become law. First the Senate Environment Finance Committee, then if it passes there, the Senate Floor for a vote. Today two groups, the Center for Biological Diversity and Howling for Wolves, said the DNR’s online […]

DNR Responds to Lawsuit Re: Wolf Hunt

Legal documents HERE. (Click on “Lawsuit Documents”) A (long-time needed) panel discussion was held at UMD. Sorry MN Nature didn’t get this posted BEFORE it happened. See discussion HERE. Also, Duluth newspaper has an article HERE.

Today: Dr. Hackett serves DNR petition to stop wolf hunt in MN

(Aug. 9, 2012) Dr. Maureen Hackett of Howling for Wolves presented Tom Landwehr of the DNR a petition to stop the 2012–2013 wolf hunt this morning outside the DNR building. A group of Minnesotans who oppose the wolf hunt were present. The MN DNR is allowing hunters and trappers to kill 400 wolves this year. […]

DNR Survey Results on Wolf Hunt Are In

Results are in. Per Howling for Wolves Org. email : “Minnesotans have . . . overwhelmingly opposed the planned wolf hunting and trapping season . . . almost 80 percent of the more than 7,300 participants registering their opposition. Despite overwhelming opposition, the DNR is moving forward with their plans undeterred. Visit the Howling for […]

DNR Open to Comments on Wolf Hunt

The MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is accepting online comments in a limited survey. Public comment period ends June 20. Note that the wolf hunt will even be allowed within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area——an ecologically important preserve area. More info. here, including facts on the gray wolf HERE (http://www.howlingforwolves.org/take-the-next-step) To leave your comment […]