mn owls

Weekend Nature Activities: Oct. 3–7

Trees are changing, birds migrating, flowers . . . blooming?! Bundle up, it’s fall in Minnesota! First snow is gonna be here tonight. Welcome it with some hot cocoa and a s’more or two by the campfire? Just an idea. Oh, and the wind, rain, snow don’t stop no hike ’round here. Put yur boots […]

Weekend Nature Activities: May 16–18

It’s migration time! Don’t forget to review the bird checklist for the park you visit this weekend: HERE. Friday, May 16 May 16, Evening Exploration Walk 8–9 p.m. Explore your nighttime senses—”listen like an owl, smell like a wolf” and . . . “taste lightening bug candy”?! Interstae Park has gone wild (nice pun, aye). […]