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MN’s 10-year Conservation Plan

Moose, invasive species, prairie birds, tourism, mining, and timber sales all make the list. For the complete read, click HERE. To explore specific goals by subtopic, see HERE.   Recap of four key areas of focus: 1. Conservation: “The cumulative effects of land use change, invasive species spread, pollution and a changing climate are combining […]

MN DNR Issues 500 more Wolf Hunt Licenses in 2014

MN DNR Issues 500 more Wolf Hunt Licenses in 2014 Early season license is closed/filled, with 500 more issued from previous year. Northlands News coverage CBS coverage DNR Wolf Hunting Info. View On WordPress

Beyond MN—World Nature & Environment News

Today’s Washington Post photos touch on Minnesota topics shared with others ’round the world—pushing the boundaries of “conservation” and “natural resources management” with a focus on wolves and fracking. Check it out HERE.

Wolf Bill Passes, Temp Suspension of Hunt

Per Howling for Wolves: Senate File 2256, passed out of the Minnesota Senate Environment and Energy Committee with a majority of senators voting in favor of our position. This legislation addresses our common-sense interests with Minnesota’s wolf population and hunt. It directs the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to gather better information that is needed to […]