photo by Jessica Gehlhar

Berries Birds Love

Thinking of planting a shrub yet this year? It’s getting late in the season to plant trees and shrubs, especially to benefit from the berries (Oct. is ideal, as trees are slipping into “hibernation” and don’t require as much stability and energy for growing). You’ll still want to water up until it freezes again, too. But […]

Weekend Outdoor Events: Oct. 12–13

Wildflower Walk Eloise Butler Park Address: One Theodore Wirth Pkwy., Minneapolis, MN, 55422 Sat, Oct 12 4:00 PM Biology of Autumn Eloise Butler Park Sat, Oct 12 9:30 AM Magnificient Mushrooms Eloise Butler Park Sat, Oct 12 1:00 PM Autumn Wildflowers Tour Eloise Butler Park Sun, Oct 13 3:00 PM Gun and Knife Show Stillwater Armory […]

235,000 acres of native prairie land left in MN

Several conservation agencies and the DNR teamed up to protect the remaining native prairie land in MN with a 25-year strategy outlined in the Minnesota Priaire Conservation Plan (HERE). [Note: “Prior to European settlement, more than 18 million acres of prairie covered Minnesota.” per DNR)] Those who appreciate butterflies, wildflowers and herbs, pheasants, duck, fish […]

DNR Survey Results on Wolf Hunt Are In

Results are in. Per Howling for Wolves Org. email : “Minnesotans have . . . overwhelmingly opposed the planned wolf hunting and trapping season . . . almost 80 percent of the more than 7,300 participants registering their opposition. Despite overwhelming opposition, the DNR is moving forward with their plans undeterred. Visit the Howling for […]

DNR Open to Comments on Wolf Hunt

The MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is accepting online comments in a limited survey. Public comment period ends June 20. Note that the wolf hunt will even be allowed within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area——an ecologically important preserve area. More info. here, including facts on the gray wolf HERE ( To leave your comment […]