Weekend Nature Activities: May 27–29 Is it spring?!

Wrapping up the Maple Syrup season, the winter may seem to drag on but spring is well on its way! Syrupy goodness is just around the corner.

Maple Syrup Making Demos and Info.

3/28 10–noon, Whitewater State Park
3/28 11–2, Lake Maria State Park
3/28, 11–2, Wild River State Park
3/28, 1–3, Camden State Park
3/28 12:30–3:30, Lake Bemidji State Park
3/28, 1–2:30, Fort Snelling State Park
3/28 1–3pm, Whitewater State Park
3/28 1–4pm, Big Island State Park

3/29 11–2, Wild River State Park
3/29, 12:30–3:30, Lake Bemidji State Park
11–3, Lake Maria State Park
3/29, 1–2:30, Fort Snelling State Park

4/4 11–2, Wild River State Park

Other happenings:

3/28 100 Years at Jay Cooke Celebration
11–3pm Join us for a day filled with special kid’s programs that help celebrate 100 years of resources, history and recreation at the park. Learn about why the park is so special through fun games, crafts and activities. Meet at the River Inn Interpretive Center.

11 am – 12 pm – Geology Rocks – One of the main resource attractions at the park is the slanted rocks along the St. Louis River. Become a rock detective as you perform geological experiments on the rocks and sculpt your way through rock history. Finally, puzzle your way through learning how the St. Louis River and Lake Superior were formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.
12:30 – 1 pm – Animals of the St. Louis River – Join us to discover the incredible animals that live in and along the river through demonstrations, puppets, furs and other interactives.
1 – 2 pm – Exploring Their Footsteps – Before we were a park, American Indians and then the voyagers were some of the first people to walk through our forests and paddle the river. Dress up like a voyager, paddle a “canoe” and participate in other activities to learn about these hardy people.
2 – 2:30 pm – Old Fashioned Games – Before XBoxes and tablets, what were the voyagers, indians and pioneers playing to have some fun? Come find out by joining us in some fun old fashioned games.
2:30 – 3 pm – Preparing for the Future – The park has changed a lot in the past 100 years. Discover what some of these challenges were and how you can help make sure the park is here for it’s 200th Anniversary through some fun activities.

Location: Jay Cooke State Park

3/28 Skulls
10–noon Skulls and teeth can tell us a lot about how an animal lives. Get your hands on a variety of animal skulls and learn how to interpret the stories that they tell.
Location: Tettegouche State Park

3/28 Primitive Fire-Starting Skills
1–3 Investigate and try out some of the fire starting methods that pre-date matches and lighters. We will start a fire with flint and steel and put effort into a bow-and-drill fire starting kit. Finally, investigate simple and natural ways that different mushrooms can help to start and carry fire.
Location: Tettegouche State Park, at the patio fireplace.

4/4 Women’s Spring Hike
9–10:30 oin a park naturalist for an early spring hike through Fort Snelling State Park. We’ll explore the floodplain forest for signs that spring is right around the corner! Yea! That’s what we like to hear!
Fort Snelling State Park

4/11 Minnesota Snakes . . . whooohoo! If the snakes are out it’s really spring!
1–3, This talk presentation will answer many questions people have about snakes. Questions such as: Which snakes are poisonous? Do they ever blink? Why do they stick out their tongues? Or do they have tails?
Fort Snelling State Park

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