Wolf hunt passed (final update for now)

The wolf hunt in Minnesota was signed by Gov. Dayton despite no one really being happy with the results. 6,000 hunters and trappers will be awarded the chance to hunt (there is an estimated 3,000 gray wolves in Minn. and the DNR’s min. statewide winter population goal is 1,600 wolves)—see story HERE.

1. The DNR had asked that wolf hunting and trapping season start late in the year for various reasons (one of which is that the pelt of the wolf is most beautiful and valuable later in the fall).

2. Environmental and humane groups are not happy with the terms, including trapping and baiting of wolves.

3. Hunters are not pleased with the increase in permit rates and the potential for increased hunting traffic in the woods due to the dual hunts (deer and wolf).

4. Cultural and social groups are upset because the wolf is an icon of the “north woods,” thus aiding in tourism efforts, and they feel as though there is not adequate proof that wolf populations have increased and are remaining steady.

5. American Indians are spiritually and politically opposed to the wolf hunt for various reasons.

So why did this hunt pass again?
See report of it passing HERE.
See details of hunt HERE

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