Wolf Predation on Moose Still Controversial in MN

New study concludes wolf predation is factor of moose decline, despite long disputes to such generalized claims.

—Minnesota Moose: “Researchers” Reveal What’s Causing Population Declines

MN Nature post on Minnesota Moose in the news May 2015

“Wolves & Minnesota’s Moose” per Howling for Wolves, an independent organization in Minnesota:

“There are many factors involved in the demise of Minnesota’s moose, especially wetland encroachment and drainage for agriculture; parasites, disease and massive winter tick infestations that lead to anemia, weakness, proneness to predation and failure to thrive and reproduce, climate change notwithstanding. While several moose have been killed accidentally by DNR researchers applying radio-collars and some Native American Indian tribes claim their right to kill their entitled annual quota of moose regardless of their threatened status, all involved parties, regardless of their best intentions, surely need to step back. Current wildlife management policies and practices need to be examined”

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