Wolf Hunt Update 2

The authors of the wolf hunt bills in the MN House did not consult with tribal stakeholders nor did they openly and clearly announce the discussion and seek opinion from the general public. Consequently, watch the legislative process that occurred in Minnesota April 3, 2012 HERE. Without adequate input from the public, the House approved a wolf hunting amendment.

You can sign a letter opposing the recent events while also contacting Governor Mark Dayton HERE and ask him to veto this bill.

Consider contacting your MN State Senator and insist on amendment to the Senate companion bill that delays the wolf hunt for 5 years and reverts to the existing law and management plan. Find your reps HERE.

Finally, HERE is a Minnesota Public Radio story on opposition to this measure dated March 13, 2012 “Some Ojibwe tribal members object to wolf hunting, trapping . . .”

Sample letter Please stop the Minnesota wolf hunting and trapping bills this legislative session to oppose proposed bills, courtesy of Howlingforwolves.org:

Dear [your rep name here]
Please stop the Minnesota wolf hunting and trapping bills this legislative session, and reaffirm the Minnesota Wolf Management Plan of 2000 which calls for a five year waiting period after delisting (Jan 2012) from the Endangered Species List before any hunting or trapping of wolves be considered. For 40 years, Minnesota protected its wolves from near extinction. We are about to waste all of that work and care.

Reasons to wait:

MN wolves have not been counted since 2007. Their number was estimated at 2921 with lower average pack sizes of less than 5 wolves.

A hunt will not help our farmers from wolf livestock depredation and randomly hunting wolves could make livestock depredation worse by weakening our small wolf packs. Farmers need our help to focus on their specific problem wolves.

Wolves are good for keeping Chronic Wasting Disease out of Deer populations. Wolves help control rodents, deer and coyotes that also affect farmers.

Wolves keep our streams and forests healthy and are good for wildlife habitat for birds and fish because more trees grow to maturity when a healthy population of wolves exists in a forest.

Wolves have economic benefits: more tourists and wildlife enthusiasts visit our state. Wilderness enthusiasts outnumber hunters by 4:1 and bring in more money to the state.

Wolves control their own numbers. Wolves have high mortality rates due to many causes including starvation and poaching. In ten years their numbers stayed the same from 1998- 2007 and their territories stayed the same. Wolves do not need man to control their numbers except when they cause problems.

Wolves are a MN natural resource; a keystone species and part of our identity. To hunt them immediately after they are removed from the ESL could cause them to be endangered again. We can help our farmers and have a healthy wolf population as our wilderness ally. Let’s be a great example to the rest of the country and show that our wolves will never go back on the Endangered Species List . Please stop the MN wolf hunting and trapping seasons bill, keep the original Wolf Management Plan of 2000 intact and reinstate the five year wait for any public hunting or trapping.

Sincerely, [your name, address, phone number]

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