Dressing for Cold Weather

When walking in cold weather, you need to dress in layers that will wick away moisture, insulate from the cold, and keep out the wind and rain. From head to toe and inside to outside, here is what to wear.

DRY + Warm + Shield

DRY  Inner layer (next to the skin): Your base layer should wick sweat away from your body to keep your skin dry. Cotton should not be used – save your t-shirts for other purposes. Good long underwear pieces are appropriate for both an inner layer shirt and pants; they are made from fabrics such as Thermion, polypropylene, Thermax, Thinsulate, and silk.

WARM  Insulating layer: This layer will keep you warm and can be shed once you warm up. Wool, fleece, and pile are all good materials for an insulating layer shirt or vest; a down jacket also works.

SHIELD  Outer layer: To protect you from the elements, a windproof and water resistant jacket should be worn loosely.

More info from U of M


Don’t forget to keep your dog warm too! Man’s best hiking friend is also at risk of frost bite and hypothermia. Read Cesar’s advice, because . . . well, Cesar.

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