It’s important to know your neighbors, especially if they’re big polluters. You don’t want to experience the health complications of such poor neighbors because of longterm exposure, and the only way to get a large business to change there ways, to clean up their act, is to confront them withContinue Reading

Ice Fishing Clinic Volunteers Needed (Metro Area and Central MN) There are many people living in Minnesota that have never tried ice fishing. MinnAqua needs volunteers to assist with a variety of ice fishing programs by sharing their knowledge and expertise with participants. Programs take place throughout the 7-county metroContinue Reading

Lawmakers hope to provide a long-term solution for sustainable water. In collaboration with more than 200 experts, as well as other government organization and leaders, University of Minnesota professor and co-Director of the Water Resources Center Deborah Swackhamer has created a 25-year plan to help restore Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. FullContinue Reading

Using a common metal most famously found in self-cleaning ovens, Sossina Haile hopes to change our energy future. The metal is cerium oxide—or ceria—and it is the centerpiece of a new technology developed by Haile and her colleagues that concentrates solar energy and uses it to efficiently convert carbon dioxideContinue Reading