New study concludes wolf predation is factor of moose decline, despite long disputes to such generalized claims. —Minnesota Moose: “Researchers” Reveal What’s Causing Population Declines MN Nature post on Minnesota Moose in the news May 2015 “Wolves & Minnesota’s Moose” per Howling for Wolves, an independent organization in Minnesota: “ThereContinue Reading

MNnature Year in Review: 2014 Thank you for visiting in 2014! We hope you saw something of interest, shared it, and got out into the outdoors of our Great White North! To Brazil and Italy, well, we always knew you were hip but a big Thank You for visiting MNnatureContinue Reading

The DNR has updated the moose management plan for the state of Minnesota, and there will be five public meetings to discuss protecting the moose, its status concern being due to declining population counts (the Moose Advisory Committee report HERE). Article HERE. The story was covered around the world, similarlyContinue Reading