The five-year wait was approved by the Senate Environment Policy Committee, but the bill still has several stops before it can become law. First the Senate Environment Finance Committee, then if it passes there, the Senate Floor for a vote. Today two groups, the Center for Biological Diversity and HowlingContinue Reading

Today, the Minnesota Senate Environment and Energy Policy committee approved S.F. 666, a bill that would reinstate a five-year wait on recreational wolf hunting and trapping. The bill has been referred to the Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture Division.“We are pleased the committee approved the bill and thank Sen. ChrisContinue Reading

The “early season” wolf hunt was closed as of Jan. 5. The late season extends until Jan. 31. So far the stats per DNR are as follows (they call the number of killed wolves “harvest”): Zone (Area): Northwest 2011-2012 Early-Season Harvest #: 198 (Original Target # set by DNR was:Continue Reading

Legal documents HERE. (Click on “Lawsuit Documents”) A (long-time needed) panel discussion was held at UMD. Sorry MN Nature didn’t get this posted BEFORE it happened. See discussion HERE. Also, Duluth newspaper has an article HERE.Continue Reading